Winter is an extremely difficult time of year for drivers all over Germantown, MD. From snow to icy roads, there is a lot to be aware of during these colder months. So, to get you all prepared for winter driving, here are some helpful car maintenance and safety tips.

New Tires

Tires are essential when taking on snow or ice. Drivers throughout the Gaithersburg area need to consider getting a set of winter tires that will add traction to their daily commutes. If you are not on the market for new tires, be sure to at least check your tire pressure. This number should be kept up to your vehicle's criteria to ensure proper driving conditions.

Check Your Brakes

Along with your tires, brakes can be the deciding factor in successful winter commutes. Customers can bring their car or SUV to our professionals to get their brakes inspected. Our technicians can tell you whether your brakes are ready for the winter or if you need a replacement. We can handle your new brake installation with ease and even offer impressive maintenance specials!

Keep Your Vehicle Ready for Any Situation

Throughout the colder season, you may run into a range of tricky situations. That is why keeping your vehicle and yourself ready for anything is a smart idea. This involves minor tasks like replacing your windshield wipers for added visibility on the roads in Rockville. You may also want to always keep your gas tank more toward full.

Let Our Professionals Help

At Fitzgerald Subaru of Gaithersburg near Washington DC, you can find a solution to all of your winter care needs. From maintaining your vehicle to finding automotive solutions, we can make your visit a success no matter what you are looking for. Visit our service center soon or schedule an appointment online!

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